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The Cytogenetics Laboratory investigates the whole genome for loss or gain of chromosomal material and structural rearrangements of the chromosomes.

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complex disease

Molecular genetic testing has a unique range of indications, most of which are quite different from the uses of traditional clinical laboratory testing and even molecular biologic testing in other disease classes (e.g., infectious disease, cancer).


The technical approaches as well as the psychosocial and ethical implications of molecular genetic tests may vary substantially depending on the reason for testing (e.g., diagnostic, carrier screening, prenatal testing). Just as many of the applications are unique, so, too, the types of patient samples collected for molecular genetic testing may be different from those obtained for other types of clinical laboratory testing.

Researchers have learned a lot about how cancer genes work. But many cancers are not linked with a specific gene. Cancer likely involves multiple gene mutations. Moreover, some evidence suggests that genes interact with their environment. This further complicates our understanding of the role genes play in cancer.

Researchers continue to study how genetic changes affect cancer development. This knowledge has led to improvements in cancer care, including early detection, risk reduction, the use of targeted therapy, and survival.

Microbial genetics also has applications in being able to study processes and pathways that are similar to those found in humans such as drug metabolism. Bacterial genetics studies the mechanisms of their heritable information, their chromosomesplasmidstransposons, and phages.

Many diseases have multiple activators. How can we look for them, how can we manipulate aspects of Diabetes, Pagets Disease, Crohns Disease. Diagnosis is only the beginning...

systems biology

Everything is connected.

The ability where neurons connect with different aspects of the circulatory system, the skeletal system and the hormonal system is underlooked.

We expect these connections not only to be discovered but exploited in the new age of healthcare.

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