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We are looking for the first ever chairside genome analysis in dental pathology with regards to caries and periodontology.


The Human Dental Genome Project 

Where do we go in planning orthodontics? Can we predict the methods available? Can we decide which patients should have extractions, which shouldn't? Decisions decisions....

The Human Orthodontic Genome Project

Regeneration of dental germs may supersede implantololgy and prosthodontics completely.


We anticipate that these aspects of the field will be fundamental in future development in missing teeth.

  • Understanding the different germ - phenotype connections.

  • How can we develop the best germ - phenotype connection if it were not to occur.

  • How can we fundamentally consider developing "self".

  • Can we consider different zoological situations which can be affiliated/replicated in the human.

Bio Informatics is the gathering of data and analysing the same, the Cephtactics Deep Learning Initiative is instrumental in gathering data to develop protocols and plan algorithms in the future of certain head and neck maladies.

  • Head and Neck Cancers (eg. Ameloblastoma, Glioma, Neuroblastoma etc.)

  • Head and Neck Developmental Disorders (eg. Cleft Lip, Sjogren's Syndrome, Pierre Robin Syndrome, Retinal Detachment etc.)

  • Head and Neck Diseases (eg. Cystercorosis etc.)

  • Sense Organ Failures

Augmented Reality in Genetics is an important user interface with algorithms which predict different analogues automatically.


Please see this as this is a considerable advance from normal protein analysis.This can also be an important aspect of teaching as it is more relatable, we would consider this in the long run.

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Pandemic prediciton is a challenge. Genome analysis into different haplotypes of global pathogens needs to be done.

There are certain interests in this field which would benefit the world of Dentistry, Implantololgy, Periodontology, Oral Surgery, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery, Osteology, Orthotics, Sports Science, Orthopaedics and Physiology.


We conclude that this would be an imperative component on looking at various projects such as below:

  • Titanium Phosphate Implants and the efficacy in specific Genotypes.

  • How bone remodelling occurs in specific Genotypes.

  • Implant materials in different Genotypes.

  • Sports Science and Injury with regards to different Genotypes.

  • Graft materials in different Genotypes.

Protein Structure Analytics includes the various means of developing analogues to enzymes and protein structures remotely without a biological interface.


This is an important aspect in consideration of various drug interactions prior to development of the drug (as this would be a expensive mistake if negative).


We consider that this would be a fundamental in deciding whether some drugs would be trialled before they were considered in human trials.

  • When are drugs safe when used on animal subjects.

  • When are specific grafts safe when using them on animals or human subjects.

  • When are specific vaccines effective in certain virulent strains.

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